Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going running

Well, that was certainly different.

I got to go running today. I finished my afternoon at an elementary school in town and went back to the AFC to change. It's in the high 40s right now, so I put on shorts and drove to the track. The carpet was technically closed to the public for practice, but I don't think the two discus throwers and their coach minded me being there.

I stared my watch and began my walk-jog with a walk. So exciting. A minute went by, my watch beeped, and all of a sudden I was running outside. Oh man, that was uncomfortable! The last four times I've run have been on the Alter-G at less than 100% of my body weight, so I felt very heavy. But I was running, and that was awesome! But then it was over, and it was time to walk.

I had no idea how many times I would be going, but I knew how long a mile was on the carpet. I ended up running for 5 minutes total. It worked out really well that I got to a mile right at 10 minutes. So a 10 minute mile, while walking half of that time. It felt good. Afterwards, I walked back to my car. How do these walking to and from not count in distance? I'm such a mileage hog. While stretching, Charlie showed up, for what I assume was a celebration of my return to the running world.

My paces for these minutes were as follows: 8:00, 7:20, 7:24, 7:15, 7:13. Obviously I'm not worrying about the pace, and I'm just running easy, but it's good to see that I was able to get faster on each "interval" without any real effort.

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