Thursday, February 6, 2014

Man with a plan

I had my 5 week check-up with Dr. Wilder today regarding my stress fracture. He has devised the following plan for the next 5 weeks, with a scheduled follow-up on March 20 if necessary.

Week 1: Keep wearing the boot.
Week 2: Stop wearing the boot.
Week 3: Walk/jog 1 mile daily.
Week 4: Run 2 miles daily.
Week 5+: Add 5 miles per week max, long run of plus 2 per week max.

So it looks like I can go outside to run on February 20! He didn't say it, but I'm smart enough to know that I should probably stick to soft surfaces for a while, so I'll be headed to the carpet. Is there anyone in Charlottesville reading this that knows the hours that the carpet is open to the public?

Doing the math, it looks like my mileage can go as follows.
February 20-26: 7 miles
February 27-March 5: 14 miles
March 6-12: 21 miles, long run of 4.
March 13-19: 26 miles, long run of 6. (Somehow I'm supposed to run a half-marathon with KC week. Maybe just the last 6 miles?)
March 20-26: 31 miles, long run of 8.
March 27-April 2: 36 miles, long run of 10.
April 3-9: 41 miles, long run of 12.
April 10-16: 46 miles, long run of 14.

I could keep going, but eventually I'm going to be running a billion miles a week with a long run of 300 miles, for sure. Probably by October, if my math is right.

I'm in no hurry.

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