Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The shoes Jack Morrison wears

Adidas is in the process of updating their shoe line to include new "Boost" technology. They've got a new advertising campaign, and the three Adidas Gazelles that I'm Facebook friends with are constantly posting stuff about #boost. My wife and brother-in-law both got some new boost shoes for Christmas. I'm sure that the shoes are great-- they certainly look cool, which is all that really matters. But I don't do well with shoe updates. The update from the Glide 4 to the Glide 5 changed the size of the shoe, and I got hurt partially from wearing shoes that were too big since I blindly bought a new pair of shoes without trying them on. Admittedly my fault, but still. Change is hard. I am not resistant to it, but sometimes I'm just not ready. This is one of those times.

Since I haven't been running since December and I'm going to be coming back from injury very slowly, I don't want to wear new shoes. I want to wear the same shoes I've been wearing, so that I can eliminate as many variables as possible in determining whether or not I'm healing, improving, recovering, etc. So no boosts for me yet. I called Ragged Mountain Running Shop and VA Runner to see if they had any Glide 5s left. Ragged Mountain had a pair, VA Runner had some in Woodbridge. So I bought them all! Was this a little excessive? Probably. Luckily I didn't have to pay full price. I started wearing my first pair last week on my first day of running. I expect that these shoes will last me a while, especially since the first pair isn't going to have much mileage on them at all.

For some reason, for the first time in over a decade, I did not put the date on my last pair of shoes. So they're getting retired right now, regardless of the wear & tear on them, just because I don't know. Sorry, carbon footprint.

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