Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Right Feet

I was supposed to run after the dentist today from downtown. But as I sat in the bathroom changing, the first shoe I pulled out was an old Sequence right. I didn't even notice it when I put it on. Then I pulled out a Glide and noticed that they were different shoes. So I thought I'd be wearing 2 different shoes... not a good idea. Fortunately they were both rights, so I didn't have the option. I walked out of there with one shoes on and drove home, switched shoes, and ran from there.

It was uneventful. However, it was the first time this calendar year that I ran without gloves on. I likely would have run 6 miles downtown, but I only did 5 from home. I added to a regular loop by coming back through Confederate Ridge instead of on Lafayette.

I did 8 this morning with Bob, Justin and JD. Joey Hess was supposed to meet us, but he arrived after we'd left. Maybe next time.

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