Monday, February 14, 2011


Bob, Justin, Joey Hess and I did hills this morning. The workout was slightly different than last week. From the bottom of the hill 4 x 45s (3 min rest), 3 x 90s (3 min rest), from the middle of the hill 4 x 45. The warm up was 2 miles. It was a good workout. I'd turn around to get towards the line and Justin & Joey would take off. So they'd have a few second lead on me and I'd chase them down. The first 45s were tough. I went way too fast on the first one, then slowed down the next 3 by design. Paces were 5[01, 12, 15, 08]. I enjoyed the 3 minute recovery for sure.

I gave Justin and Joey more of a head start for the 90s. I made it around the same spot through 45 seconds with Joey about even, but then going past the stop sign I really tried to pour it on. I slowed down, yes, but I was working hard. My quads were a wreck; lifting yesterday was painful enough without such intensity the next day. I was making it further than last week, but I credit that all to Joey being there to push me. I'd turn around and Justin was barely ahead of Bob; so Bob was really closing the gap that second 45. My paces were 5[25, 30, 35]. All faster than last week. I emailed Greg afterwards to thank him for only giving me 3 90s instead of 4.

The last set of 45s were different. Justin and Bob were stopping after one, so Justin went crazy on his last set. Joey followed him and they went for longer than 45 seconds anyway, since neither had a clock on it. That was the only one they finished ahead of me. Joey started with me for the rest. It was tough and I went all out. Paces were 5[13, 18, 15, 15]. A lot faster than last week.

So tired. At school I'm ready to fall asleep by the end of planning.

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