Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stupid dog

Bob, Joey and Justin all showed up this morning. I wanted to do 8, but Bob wanted to go shorter and faster. So he went his own way at William Street while the three of us went over to the YMCA and Clearview. I tried to convince Justin to run another marathon and to spend more time running and less time working. I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other.

On the way back through Mary Washington by the Cobey's house, we came through the parking lot and the little wooded part into the clearing where you go uphill to the library. I heard a sound and all of the sudden, I thought a raccoon was coming to get me! It just came out of the leaves like an f'n ghost. I yelled as loud as I've ever yelled before, "AHHHHHHH!"

Turned out to be a dog. It scared Justin too, and maybe Joey. Joey says he thought it was going to jump on me too. Justin apparently turned around to face it and that's why he says it backed down. I figured it backed down because I scared the crap out of it, it's friend, the asshole owner who was walking his two dogs without a leash on a college campus, and everyone who lives on Sunken Road below the college. It was loud. Then to make things worse, the guy didn't even apologize! He told his dog that it was our fault as we ran by him! Justin turned around and yelled at the guy; I did the same. Joey was a silent observer, as far as I remember. My heart rate was flying. I freaking hate seeing dogs on the run, especially when they're not on a leash.


Running club got cancelled today because of impending rain. It seemed like the wrong call at the time, but it worked out when it was pouring down raining at 3:45 while we would have been outside at the top of the hill, as far away from school as possible. So that's 2-3 miles that I won't have on my weekly mileage.

I went to the YMCA tonight too; but not to lift. I socialized a bit with Bob, Scott, and his daughter. Then I went to watch a basketball game fro one of my students.

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