Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night Bob said he was coming if it wasn't too cold and rainy. Joey said he was coming no matter what. Justin said he wasn't coming if it was raining. I said I'd be there no matter what.

This morning I got a text from Bob saying he hadn't slept and that he might run with me in the afternoon. Might. I also had a text from Joey saying that he had a bad headache and wouldn't make it. I texted Justin to say that it wasn't raining and that I'd seem him there. Thank goodness he came.

We had a good run. It wasn't raining at all and the weather reported 46 and foggy. That's exactly what we got, unless it was a little bit warmer. I wore shorts and ended up taking off my gloves and hat. Maybe not nice enough for shorts and a t-shirt, but it was still really nice. I think it rained on us all of 3 minutes the whole run. We also ran 7 miles in about the same time it usually takes us to run 6.3, but we weren't running fast. We did our normal loop, but longer, and backwards. While we were on the canal, I realized we were running too fast so I slowed down. But it was good. We had a good time.


This afternoon we lost power at school around 2:45. We got it back around 3:30, but by that point most of the kids were already gone. I kept teaching when it went out. We didn't need electricity. But the last bus wasn't called until 4pm. So my running was delayed. I was also waiting to hear from Bob if he was going to come. He didn't. So I went out to run in the wind. Gusts were supposedly up to 60 mph. I believe it too.

Despite the wind and trying to relax, I ran a fairly even run. Downhill first two miles, uphill second two miles, around the schools the last mile. Easy 5. Just 25 to go this weekend, including racing one half marathon.

New shoes tomorrow.

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