Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sleeping In

Yesterday I was exhausted after less than 28 minutes of running. Probably because I'd only been swimming for 30 minutes and that's all I can handle cardiovascularly. It sucked a lot. I didn't feel much pain but I could definitely tell that I needed new shoes.

We decided that we weren't going to go to the Redskins game anymore so I was going to run with Bob at 8am today. Somehow my alarm didn't go off at 7:20, and I woke up at 8:02 and looked at the clock. I was pretty pissed. For all the crap I get about sleeping in and my alarms not going off, it really makes me angry when it happens. I wanted to go run with people. So I went down to Hanover to do the morning loop backwards incase that's where they'd gone. I had to stop at the dog park to use the bathroom, and then got back on the canal. I almost went up Rt. 1 into the college, but decided to go at least as far as the hospital. I'm glad I did, because as soon as I got under the bridge, I saw them coming.

I turned around with Bob, Justin and Chris to finish up with them at the college. Justin and I did a loop around the shell trail. I was exhausted again, but I wanted to get at least 4 miles today since yesterday was so short too. If I'd gotten there at 8am, I would have done the 6.2 miles with them, that that's what I'll do tomorrow.

My legs were pretty tired and I had to finish stretching when I got home, but so far it's ok. I went to VA Runner to get a new pair of shoes, and Batalado talked me into a pair of SuperNova Glide (Cushion) , instead of the SuperNova Sequence (Control) that I've been in since Todd Swenson fit me for them in April 2002. It's been a good run with them, but Chris says that if my IT band is bothering me, I should wear a neutral shoe. I've got 14 days to return them though since they are a "recommended shoe." It's probably only the 3rd time in my life I've had a recommended shoe from VA Runner. I'll wear them tomorrow for the first time. They feel a lot different. There is a lot more going on on the outsides by my arch-- possibly because they have a more narrow base... at least that's what Chris said. He told me that "they're the same shoes that Jack Morrison wears," as if that was supposed to make me want to wear them more... I hope that going from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe isn't one of those things I read about running stores doing to people that gets them injured. Because I can injure myself enough without any assistance from the store.

4:45 can only come soon enough tomorrow.

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