Saturday, January 1, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

It is rough being back. I didn't want to go, but had to. I thought about going to Pratt and running 5 miles there, but I didn't want to drive away so I decided to stay at Lafayette. I thought I'd last about 20 minutes because I'd be bored. So around 4pm I went out around the schools. I was pretty bored and it didn't feel good at all. So I stopped going around the school and went down Rt. 1. I thought I might go down to Alum Springs, but I was getting pretty tired and decided to just go into Confederate Ridge. All of this was very boring.

Then I got to Jen Shelton's house and saw a dog. It was lose and it started to run after me. I knew I couldn't outrun it up a hill, so I slowed down and tried to talk to it. I picked up a stick and threw it so that it could maybe fetch, and it started to, but then I kept running and the dog followed me. This of course terrified me, as evident from the highest heart-rate of the run. But it was pretty clear that the dog wasn't interested in me and just enjoyed having a running buddy. He followed me all the way out to Lafayette Boulevard and I started to get worried about him. He stayed as far to the right side of the road as I could, but the dog just ran right along in the street. When I got past the gas station, there was another person on the other side of the street and the dog chased after him for a minute, but then came right back after me. I was scared he was going to get hit by a car.

But the car closest was a park ranger. So I ran back to him and told him it wasn't my dog and that it was following me. He pulled into the parking lot next to the Salvation Army and got out. The dog took some coercion and dog food but finally jumped into the back of the car. So I took off to get back home.

Who would have thought that I'd get chased by a dog that almost followed me home on the first run of the year? Also, I realized that the Marine Corps Marathon is on the same day as the Wild Mile. It's not as though I didn't already know that... but now it's actually affecting me because I was thinking about running it. Oh well. Some other time. For now, I smell like booze and sweat.

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