Monday, January 24, 2011

A case of the Mondays

BRRRRRRRR! It was 12 degrees. Just 12. No wind, thank goodness. I can't find my warm hat, and I decided against wearing my face mask. Both bad. Any exposed flesh was in pain. My ankles felt like they were going to snap in half. My face felt wet it was so cold. My hands, with two pairs of gloves on, were freezing for the first 15 minutes. Ugh. I do not envy Tim.

We did the normal loop. I looked at our shadows around the library and realized I needed to slow it down a little bit if I didn't want Bob to turn up at Germania. So as soon as we passed it, I tried to pick it up just a little bit, gradually. I didn't want either of them to drop off because it was so cold. We needed each other's company for moral support. The conversation became agitated toward once we got to the canal, so the pace naturally increased. Fine by me.

I got an email from Greg today though! Hi Greg! He's giving me my first week of coaching. I told KC and Bob this morning that my goal is to run tomorrow, and every day this week. But I have to take it one day at a time. Well apparently I'm running twice tomorrow. Thank goodness it's supposed to be warmer. Greg wants me doubling twice a week (just once this week) and doing workouts and such. That's what coaching is for! Although I think that they 12 mile long run this weekend is a little shorter than I'd care for. I've gone 12, 13, 15 in the last 3 weeks. I'd rather do 15 or more every week. Worst coach ever. (Just kidding, Greg!)

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