Sunday, January 23, 2011

Longer and Better

I didn't want to wake up at all! The bed felt so good, and I was tired. We drove home from Duck, went to a wedding, and then went to Chuck's birthday party at Capital Ale House (booo!). It was a long day, and I could have stood for some more sleep. Thanks, Justin. It was pretty cold out, I think right around freezing. Not sure. Justin wanted to go 90 minutes, Pat wanted go to 2 hours, and I was going along for the ride.

Konrad and Jay showed up too, so the Grand Prix discussion invariably went towards including Konrad's F.O.R.5. into the series. Not my bag of tricks anymore, so that's all on Jay. Just one more race for me to try to win since the YMCA Turkey Trot bailed on the series in the 11th hour. I stayed out of it. We were doing two hospital loops, and Jay dropped back around William Street or so. Konrad and Justin stopped while Pat took a gel. Then Pat, Justin and I went around the shell trail, thinking we'd be going another loop. Justin didn't make it. He stopped at the end of the shell trail, so it was just me and Pat.

All well and good, as we could pick it up and not worry about it. We didn't really though. We just hovered right below 7-minute pace for the most part. We deviated a little bit from the course and ran down Lee Avenue, so that I could look for my dad's missing beer bottle. As a side story, my mom reluctantly lent it to some guy a few years ago. Maybe 4? Probably not while I was living with her, but after my dad died for sure. She didn't want to lend it to him but he promised he'd give it back. He never did, and according to her, acted as though he didn't know what she was talking about until recently. I told her I would get it back. Long story short, she introduced me to the guy at the wedding last night and I told him I was coming for it the next morning. It was his mistake for giving me his address. When we ran by though, I didn't see the bottle. Probably because he had like 50 stairs to get up to his porch. Afterwards, I went back by the house in the car and it was sitting there waiting for me. It appeared as though he'd never drank the beer... who knows how old that was though so I poured it out and will refill it on Saturday! I hope that Jeff Fitzpatrick notices that the set is complete again.

Anyway, once we got down onto Sophia Street I wasn't feeling good. My right side was cramping up. Maybe from the cold, maybe from the effort, who knows. But I worked it out over the next few miles. I got a few steps on Pat going up the steps at the Hospital and then going uphill I just extended the lead. I went around Care Way while he went straight up and that evened us out. Then he cut through the bus station while I went around, giving him a slight lead. I covered it by the end of Stafford Avenue and went the long way around Hanover. He was stopped to get water while I finished up another quarter mile to get 15 even. He had 15 minutes to go and went around the shell trail. But he never came back.

I started to worry but then I noticed him walking on the other side of the track. It turns out he just lost motivation. Nothing wrong, just done running for the day. He was probably doubling that day anyway, so he didn't need any more than 15 miles. We were cold so we headed out and that was my day. A good day.

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