Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hills while sick

I wanted to sleep in today and go later. But ironically, for the very same reason that I could do that, Matt couldn't. Orientation.

Matt wasn't feeling too great yet from his episode on Sunday, and I was still feeling very sick. We opted to run 5 hills instead of 6, and I was happy with that decision. The first one was terrible, and so were the rest of them. My legs felt like jello after lifting last night, and my lungs felt like sandpaper. My mouth was completely dry, and my nose was stuffed up despite all my efforts.

I still managed to make it decently far on the 90s, a little less so on the 45s. But it just felt terrible. #5 was particularly rough... I got to the bottom of the hill and there were 2 cars coming to prevent me from crossing the street AND I started coughing and couldn't breathe. Matt chose this moment to strike and took off on his 90. He probably got a 10 second head start on me... it took me a lot longer to catch him because of it. But I did and then we went into the ER to get water and marched on home.

I went to the doctor's office after I woke up around 9am. He didn't talk to me much and just assumed that it was allergies. However he did give me an antibiotic to go with some other drugs... hopefully I'll see some immediate results before the half marathon. Granted I'll still be medicated by then, but what else can I do?

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