Thursday, September 2, 2010


I did not like running today. I went to the doctor yesterday and am now on 3 new medications-- including one antibiotic-- for my sinus infection. My body just felt funny, and my head sort of fuzzy, while running this morning. I felt a little better yesterday being on the meds, and got some sleep last night I suppose, but this morning was unpleasant; unnatural. Hopefully that sensation doesn't continue through the duration of the treatment. The doctor wants me to take the two non-antibiotics for the remainder of the allergy season to prevent any further infections. I don't like that idea. I have enough trouble taking one 24-hour allergy pill a day.

Anyway, I'd told Matt yesterday I was going to go shorter today, and the way I was feeling only strengthened that conviction so I went 5 instead of the 6 I'd probably intended. We went a little later so it was still dark, but light enough for the street lights to not be on, thus making it darker than usual. Ironic.

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