Sunday, August 29, 2010

Matt's death

Matt and Pat Quinn were going long today for 2 hours, so I jumped in on the latter half. I was very tired and running a 7:46 mile to start was surprisingly difficult. We went out and back on Lee Drive and the pace never got anywhere remotely fast. Matt wasn't doing so well so we turned around a little bit earlier than I expected us to... before 30 minute.

Matt kept falling back on the way home. We'd wait for him a bit and never really picked up the pace, but he just kept falling behind. When we got back to Hanover he was running in the grass and it was hard to see him. I added on for another minute or so to round off the 7 miles. Meanwhile, Matt was just sitting on the rock wall around the field. Bill Hamilton had stopped to talk to him and it was very apparent that Matt wasn't with us mentally. I gave him some water and some jelly beans, neither of which he could actually see! He was babbling a little bit-- I don't remember what he was saying, but he was very much out of it.

We that there for a while with him making sure he was drinking water and eating the jelly beans. It was clear he wasn't going to be running home from that. For some reason Pat texted Kendall to bring Matt some water. So she walked down with some ice water and we all sat there watching Matt slowly recover.

I drove Matt and Kendall home. Matt sweat all the way through the stretching mat I put down for him so my car seat was disgusting. I called him at 5:30pm and he'd just gotten out of bed and was about to eat his first meal of the day. But he's alive... that's what is important.

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