Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had a bit of a stressful morning not being able to find Gu. I found two and then a couple of Hammer Gels (gross). So instead of taking a Gu before I ran, I had some jelly beans. It was not ideal, but it was sufficient. I'll get a new box this week.

I was supposed to meet Dan this morning at 6:20, but he decided not to show up. I waited around for him a bit on the shell trail, starting with an 8 minute mile. I didn't want to hang around there until 7am though, so after about 12 minutes I headed over to the hospital to get some easy stuff in before I joined Pat. Those miles almost ended up being my fastest of the day. I picked Pat up at 7 and we went downhill in the quarry. I had to use the bathroom on World Street, which was pretty gross after the concert last night.

Running with Pat was good. We hadn't run together in a while so I enjoyed talking to him. I was getting pretty amped up around 12-13 miles when we picked up Matt and Chris Koehler. I haven't run with him since probably 2006, if ever. He was super fat though, so the pace slowed a lot. Pat wanted me to back off a little bit too, so I gave him a rest.  Once we got back downtown, Pat and I went over the bridges while Matt and Chris went on their own. The highlight of the time in Stafford was finding a water fountain at Chatham that not only worked, but was cold and probably operates 24 hours a day (unlike the one at Pratt in every regard.)

As we got back to below the college, Pat started dropping back a bit. He was a champion though, and kept up as long as he could before the campus. I pulled away after that and went back to the shell trail for my last mile. Mary Washington was doing a 4-mile time trial, and when I got onto the path I started gaining on some of the younger kids. Sad for them.

It was a good run. When it was finished, I went to the Chiropractor. Then I ate a Wawa sandwich, went to a Nationals game. There I ate popcorn and a spare rib. Not the healthiest day of consumption after a great run...

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