Thursday, June 24, 2010


I ran in Staunton today. I drove in last night to visit KC while she's taking a class there for the week. I came last year too and ran back the way I drove towards the interstate. This time I tried to do something different but ended up doing the same thing, just on a different route. I ran until I got to a highway and then turned around. I didn't want to get lost. I looked on the Garmin Connect website and it looked like all of the other runs of any distance or consequence were out & back also.

I slept in and it was in the high 80s already by the time I got started. I could feel the sun burning my body as I ran back into it for the last 3 miles. There was a little breeze, and I tried to stay in the shade when I could. It was never comfortable.

I also lifted today with Bob. I hadn't been in 8 days or so, so it was pretty tiring. I imagine I'll be sufficiently sore on my long run tomorrow morning.

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