Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I met Bob and Justin for a normal 6 mile loop today. Justin stopped after 1 minute and 52 seconds because he wasn't feeling well. I wonder if he's going to work. I didn't push the pace or the issue of running 7 with Bob because I was expecting Tim to meet me at 5:30 for me to run another 5 miles with him. He was there and I got 12 in for the day. That's pretty good considering I don't usually run more than 7 in a day, and this wasn't my long run. I didn't feel too good though, admittedly not as bad as Justin, but not my best. I feel like I should have stopped when I got to the car to meet Tim, but I didn't and so my legs had a hard time getting going any faster than 7 minute pace. They were already in their groove-- that muscle memory was preventing me from running much faster. It was hard to run in the 6:30s at the end, but it shouldn't have been.

Vacation starts today-- mostly. I still have to take something into school. But after that I'll be running errands, sitting around a lot, and probably playing with the kids this afternoon.

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