Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long Run

I was supposed to meet Tim this morning, but he didn't show up. So I ran around Hanover and Sunken for 3 miles while Bob and Justin finished up. Then I went around the shell trail, up to the slavery museum, and then back down around the hospital. It was nice. There were strange pockets of cool air around, and I got to watch the sun rise while on World Street.

I picked up the pace around half-way. I wanted to get some water and take a Gu, but never had the chance to get any water. After 12-13, I was getting tired, so I tried to pick it up and that helped a little bit, but any time there was even the slightest hill, I'd fall back off the pace quickly.

It was a good run though. My legs are sore from lifting yesterday (and ever), and my traps on my back are real tight.

Hopefully this will be a good day.

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