Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death March

I think that since I started taking sudafed regularly I am having trouble falling asleep. I am going to try something different. I know that I was at least awake at 11pm. I debated for while if I should bail or not, but decided to make a go of it. Fortunately for me, no one else showed up. I could go as slow as I wanted, or as slow as I needed to. Which was pretty slow at first.

I wanted to stop pretty much the whole time. I did in Cobblestone to fix my socks that were falling down. I felt a lot better after stopping for about a mile, but then slowed down again. I decided to do lamp-posts to try to break myself out of the funk. I wasn't going much faster on the fast sections than I was yesterday running with Tim.

All in all, despite little sleep and feeling like garbage, the run was fine. I was very sweaty afterwards because it was so humid. Now it's time to lift.

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