Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short Tempo

I felt a little better today, but almost bailed. I figured I may want to go to the doctor after school, so I showed up anyway.

Matt and Justin and I warmed up to the intersection of George and Caroline. I accidentally stopped my watch instead of starting the workout, but quickly realized it. So I was about 20 seconds off of Matt and Justin for the 2nd and 3rd tempo sections. 3 x 6 minutes tempo, 2 minutes rest. I set a time range on my watch for 5:25 - 5:55. On the first one, I got in it right away. On the 2nd, since I was starting behind them, I went out too fast. I caught and passed Matt within the first minute. I thought the watch beeping told me to speed up, but it really meant slow down. So I ran too fast for the first half until I realized it.

On the 3rd tempo, I was smarter and didn't catch him until half way through probably. It was nice rounding the turn onto Sophia for the turkey trot and having someone in front of me that I could run down. I had to tell myself not to catch him, that it wasn't a race, and that I had more to go past that line.

So the workout went well. I mean, big picture is was pretty slow. But considering I've got a sinus infection and I haven't been running seriously much, I think it was good. For the three tempo segments, I averaged 5:43, 5:33. and 5:30. So at least I did the workout correctly.

I started taking some antibiotics today to treat my self-diagnosis. Hopefully they'll work and not wear me out for the race.

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