Friday, May 14, 2010

Sub Plans

I didn't have to go this morning early because I'm going to a workshop in town that starts at 9. But it's better to try to be consistent if I want to get back into the morning habit.

Bob and I met and did a very slow, very easy 5 mile loop. Pretty much the norm. Afterwards, I saw Bret Schmidt driving around in a huge Marine Corps Marathon suburban, painted up like crazy. He was already checking out the course and bus routes for the race on Sunday. The early bird catches the worm. Speaking of which, I saw a bird with a worm in it's mouth yesterday at 5:50am.

My ears were popping a lot this morning but I don't feel too bad yet. I realized this morning that I took no cold medicine during the day or any night-time medicine last night either. Probably why I took a while to fall asleep.

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