Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sickly Long Run

Yesterday was the last day of school before spring break, and as seems to be my custom, I've managed to get myself sick. I left school after getting my grades in with chills. I could barely eat and just crashed in bed after taking some night-time fever medicine. I felt better in the morning and met Pat for a 2 hour run. I felt pretty bad at the beginning and it was considerably warmer than what I'm used to. We dropped our shirts at VA Runner and felt better pretty soon after that. We ran in the quarry and through the tunnel, soaking my brand new shoes about 30 minutes into the 2 hours. I look forward to the days in the summer when shoes are dry by the end of a run because it's so warm. Maybe I don't look forward to that...

It was nice being in the trails, running in the daylight is something I've been missing out on for sure. We ran over to Stafford and got accosted in the YMCA for not having shirts when we got water. Get over it dude, I'll be in and out in 20 seconds, is it really bothering people? The guys in the gym playing basketball aren't wearing shirts.

I started to fade towards the end of the run, losing whatever mid-fever high I'd found from running in the woods. It was pretty hot too, so I'm sure that and my dehydration were working against me. I found a cell phone on Hanover across from the tennis center. After we stopped, I called the number for "Dad" and the guy drove from 4-mile Fork to pick it up and insisted on paying me $20 for my "troubles." I tried to refuse, but took it and used it to buy some lunch!

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