Sunday, April 4, 2010


After the run and my lunch yesterday, my body shut down again. I spent the next 3 hours in bed, unable to fall asleep, just laying there miserably. It was a couple hours after getting out of bed that my fever finally broke, but I'm still taking medicine as a precaution for a few doses.

I went to church with my mom and grandma this morning. I was sniffling the entire time, which was annoying to me and probably everyone around me. After the 45-minute service (awesome!), I went up to Hanover and met up with Justin by chance. He was going long, but I joined him for the first 45 minutes of his 90. I didn't feel good at first but warmed up into it. We had a nice run, with surprisingly no arguments. He's pretty warn out from his week with a long run and two workouts. I'm just sick. Now that I'm home, I still feel sniffly after more medicine.

The Garmin website has been updated and now I can imbed directly into the posts! That's pretty sweet.

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