Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Double Drizzle

It occurred on me today during my second run to look at my splits from this morning... I didn't go as slowly as I thought I was going, it just felt really slow after racing on Sunday. So that's not too bad after all.

The second run of the day was worse than Monday or this morning-- the workout set me back to where I was immediately after the race, albeit slightly more aerobically recovered. I was breathing so hard, my legs hurt so much, it was just terrible. I looked at my watch at one point and saw that I was running high 8 minute pace. Awful. That wasn't even in the woods. Alum Springs was considerably better, though there were still two trees down in my way and some places were still snowy; it was nothing like last week. I only meant to run 5 miles, but didn't want to run around the neighborhood next to Pender so I went into town and around the shell trail. I wanted to stop at home and almost did. It was terrible.

The rain and cold were nothing compared to the total distress my body was under from the last three days. Ugh.

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