Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hills 7x45/90

I didn't want to get up today and I didn't want to do hills. I'm still very sore from Sunday's half, my legs actually feel like glass-- I wait for them to shatter. Getting out of chairs is the worst part right now, and then the first few steps I take, or going down stairs.

I met Justin and Bob to do 7 sets while they were going to do 5. I progressed pretty well through 1-5, although I never really made it far. I knew I wouldn't because of how sore I was, but I still got a good effort in. Once they left, 6&7 were hard, especially on the 90s, and I didn't make it as far as I did on the 5th 90, even though I felt like I was running a lot faster alone. Probably because there weren't any footsteps or heavy breathers behind me.

I had some complications with the watch and stopped it when I started the first 45 instead of taking a split... so I'm short about 55 seconds and .13 miles. Oh well. The cooldown seemed to take forever and I thought about running harder to end it sooner, but my right quad didn't agree with that idea so I phoned it in from about the FRED station. Hopefully the pain will be gone tomorrow. If it's raining, Bob and Justin aren't coming so I'll likely be alone while Matt does his hills alone in the rain.

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  1. I haven't been to your blog for a few days, and after reading about your hills I'm glad I stuck with my plan to have two recovery days after my half marathon. In all my years of running, I don't think I've ever done hills two days after a race that long -- not sure I could have handled it. I absolutely had enough recovery for hills this morning (Wed) and did fairly well. I'm happy to be done with hills now. Track next week.


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