Monday, March 17, 2014

KC does Shamrock

Yesterday, KC ran in the Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach. She signed up for the race pretty much a year ago, using Charlie's coupon code to save $10 or something that he got in his 8k packet. I told her that she didn't have to start training for the race until November 18. Having had a baby two months before that, she waited and then dove in.

I think she seeded herself at 2:45 or something super slow. I don't know. That put her into corral 9 of 10. You can do the math to figure out how slow they expected her to be. But it turns out she's not that slow. She was at 50% of the field, 45% of her age group, and 41% of females. Not bad for someone who'd never run longer than 7 miles before yesterday.

I told her that I would run the whole thing with her, but because of my stress fracture, I was not prepared to run 13 miles yet, or even be on my feet for that amount of time. I did 6 miles the day before the race and I was a wreck. But fortunately, I tapered for the weekend by taking Thursday and Friday off completely.

Weeks before the race, KC did promise me that she would write a race report. So hopefully this one gets more views than Jack Morrison's Historic Half-Marathon race report, which is far and away the most read post ever on RunBertRun. Great for my self-esteem.

I was freezing my ass off waiting for her to get back to me so I could start running. I did a lot of push-ups and planks and drills and stuff to occupy my time. I was cheering for lots of runners and saw some people I knew. The colors of the bibs made it hard to read people's names, so I just gave up and started calling out random names.

Since we met, she has now run two 5ks, one sprint triathlon, one 10k, and one half-marathon. Seriously, pick something and stick with it for five minutes.

Here are the GPS details for my runs with her, the first 3 miles and the last 4 miles. 

Lastly, I'm including a picture from of her in the race report. Marathonfoto, please don't sue me. I will take the picture down if you ask me to. In the photo, there is a lady in a tutu and another guy. I checked, and they ran 5 and 10 minutes slower than KC did respectively.

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