Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Will I live forever?

OK, so this article wasn't written about me, but about Bernard Lagat, who currently holds American Records for the 1500, mile, 3000, two mile, and 5000 indoors after this weekend's Millrose Games. The article made the quote of the day for LetsRun.com today with this excerpt.

"So why do so many people, and so many runners, slow down after they turn thirty? Injuries, of course. And then there's life. 'It is possible,' Joyner writes, 'that, even among the most competitive runners, there might be an age-related decline in the frequency, intensity, and duration of training due to a combination of the inevitable reduction in physiological factors along with orthopedic or motivational considerations.' In other words, we have kids, and we get lazy."

So here I am, 30 years old and injured for a long time. Maybe one day I'll be like Bernard Lagat again... not breaking American Records, but just improving.

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