Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Trot Progression

Looking back at the FARC website results, it's interesting to see how I did when I was younger. The first year I did this race I was 15 years old, supposedly. Hard to believe that I wasn't running it before that, but maybe it's just that there aren't results available for that. I wasn't in the 1995 or 1997 results (none available for 1996).

1998 - 19:05, 39th place
1999 - 18:08, 32nd place
2000 - 17:01, 9th place
2001 - 20:19, 86th place (2 miles with Krista Eck, then passed hundreds of people in the last mile).
2002 - 17:14, 16th place
2003 - No results available (I bet I could find it in a running log at my mom's house)
2004 - 16:17, 4th place (the last year that they didn't go 5-deep in prize money)
2005 - 16:02, 6th place
2006 - 15:43, 5th place
2007 - 15:50, 8th place
2008 - 16:01, 4th place
2009 - 16:12, 7th place
2010 - 16:08, 9th place
2011 - 15:32, 8th place

This makes me very curious about what happened in 2003, because there was a big jump between 2002 and 2004. I know why in real life... 2002 was 3 weeks after I'd run the Marine Corps Marathon. So that fall I'd already run two 5Ks in the 16:30s, but I didn't have a lot in my legs as I think I'd run 17 miles total between the marathon and thanksgiving... 2004 was a big race for me though, although I got out-kicked at the line by Christopher Bain and then caught a cold for the rest of the winter.

The high school progressions are funny too. Sophomore year, junior year, senior year... one minute faster each year. I imagine I was pretty pissed off my senior year as that was definitely a PR and not under 17 minutes yet.

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