Sunday, November 13, 2011

Richmond 8K

The Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K have consistently been sub-standard when it comes to reporting results. I remember a few years ago it reported the winner of the half for at least a day as being something in the 80 minute range. Yesterday was no exception. After the race, Rick Platt and Jack Morrison both reported to me that I had run 25:32, a 1-second PR from the Richmond 8K in 2006. Greg confirmed hours later while I was driving home. Rick said that I was 5th place, but he didn't have the correct winner or any of the Kenyans in front of me. Greg reported the same thing.

Today I've looked up the actual results. I did not PR and I was not 5th place (which I knew I wasn't.) Instead I ran 25:33 and placed 15th, but 5th in my age group. So that sucks. I was super pumped about the PR. Oh well, I still ran as fast as I'd ever run. I'm doing well. Training is going where it is supposed to go right now. Let's look at what happened the last time I ran fast in Richmond in November.

November 11, 25:33 Richmond 8K
November 23, 15:43 Turkey Trot 5K
December 23, Broken ankle running in the woods

November 10, 25:34 Richmond 8K
November 22, 15:50 Turkey Trot 5K
December 2, 2:32:17 Las Vegas Marathon
December 9, 1:14:46 Blue & Grey Half Marathon (hung over)

So while I'm not coming out right and saying that my 8K performance yesterday indicating that I'm going to put out some solid performances in the next 2 months and 2 days, I do think it's worth noting that I'm in good shape. I hope to run well on Thanksgiving. Blue & Grey is not important. January 15 is coming up soon.

I did a 20 mile run today. I started at home and met Pat and Justin at Hanover. Then we grabbed Matt and Chris at the quarry and ran in there for a while, coming out around 15 miles. Then we made our way back to Hanover. At 16 miles I was averaging 7:58 for the run. I finished with an average of 7:38 after running in the 6's on the way back because Pat wanted to push the pace. It felt good and as I sit here typing my body is showing zero indication that I even ran today.

Onwards and Upwards.

Congratulations to the boys at Stafford High School for winning the school's 2nd state title in Cross Country. 1996 and 2011. Just a few more and you'll be better than the field hockey team.

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