Thursday, August 11, 2011

Negative Split

I went long today so that I could either a) race Sunday or b) do a workout Saturday. We're going with Option B. Probably a safe bet, considering I've gotten hurt both times I've run in Leesburg. Oh well. Better safe than sorry, although I would have enjoyed doing the 10k instead of the 20k.

I started at 4:45 with the normal Thursday morning group and somehow convinced them to do the Slavery Museum! So we took our time, talking about public schools vs. private schools, religion, and dentistry. Typical day. After a rousing 8 miles in around 62 minutes or so (real slow), I went to work on my own. The pace immediately dropped down. I hit 10 miles in 76:25. The next 7 were on the hospital loop, mostly below 6:30s. I felt fast, but not like I was pushing at all. I developed a cramp on my left side, but it may have been from the fact that my ribs and stomach are still very sore from the core class I did at the YMCA with KC on Tuesday night. Such a wimp...

After that hospital loop, on the shell trail I hit 16 miles. So no need for another loop. I wanted to make the last 4 count and try to push it under 6 minute pace for the last 2. I was currently averaging 7:13 pace, down from somewhere in the 7:40s after 10ish. I just couldn't get there though. 6:12 for miles 17 and 18, followed by a 6:24 uphill to College Avenue. I managed to get the last one down to 6:07, without really pushing it. It's not like I wanted to fly or hurt too badly. But I did get the pace back down to a 7:01 average, so that was good. After the 76 minute first 10, I got the 2nd 10 down under 64 minutes, finishing in 2:20:21. Not a bad negative split.

My shoes felt toast. KC thinks it's partially in my head, but they just looked like crap. My joints all ached afterwards. New shoes are a must. We'll see what happens. They weren't in the store yet yesterday.

Doubling this afternoon with Jeff Branscome. This post should feed to Twitter, if I did it right...

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