Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of Summer... almost

Today is my last weekend of summer, sort of. I went to work already but tomorrow is my first required day to be there. I'm going to hold off on my summer mileage total until the students come back though.

Tuesday we had an earthquake.
Thursday we had a thunderstorm.
Saturday we had a hurricane.

Pretty busy week for mother nature. Tuesday and Saturday were largely uneventful around Jacoby Manor, but Thursday's thunderstorm knocked down a tree in our backyard. So I spent this afternoon cleaning that up. Now tomorrow morning I'll have to drag it out to the street for the city to come collect.

Running wise, I didn't do much since Wednesday. 12 Thursday morning, 10 Friday morning, 14 Saturday morning, and 10 today (Sunday morning). Funny that 46 miles in 4 days equates to "didn't do much." I was supposed to race a triathlon this morning, so on Thursday I began training by riding my bike inside for 10 minutes while watching TV during the thunderstorm. I had every intention of getting outside to ride, but the storm interrupted me. Then I thought about riding outside Friday morning, but went to Wal-Mart to buy water before the hurricane. Then Friday afternoon the Tri was post-poned until next weekend, when I can't do it.

I'd better get my money back. It was advertised as "NO REFUNDS! Race will take place RAIN OR SHINE!" If I'd gotten hurt or just bailed, I'd understand not refunding me. But they didn't hold up their end of the bargain. I emailed the director on Friday but haven't heard back yet. I'll email again tomorrow and then follow up with some phone calls if they do not respond. I will not donate $45 to the Fawn Lake Triathlon. I'm under the impression that they've got plenty of money out in that neighborhood anyway.

I ran 91 miles again this week. Slightly more than last week, so this is my highest week of mileage ever. 21 days until my race, time to start tapering. I may post on LetsRun to get some suggestions, and hope that Greg and I can come up with something. I don't want to show up too tired or too flat. Let's see what I can do.

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