Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It was nice to sleep in again today...

Today was supposed to be better than this. I went to the bathroom after school. Then I had to make some phone calls to parents, my brother and KC. I went to the bathroom again before I left. Then I went to James Monroe. During the warmup, I felt terrible. I was exhausted from the offset, extremely sore, and had a volatile stomach. I went down Washington Avenue to the canal and over to Caroline to do the normal morning loop. If there'd been a toilet anywhere near me, I would have stopped. Instead I had to wait to get back to JM. Thankfully the locker room was open from the outside. Third time in probably 90 minutes.

The workout was as follows: 4 x 1600 @ 5:00, 3 min. recovery.

The first mile was too hard. A fairly even 5:02. I know that the first quarter was too fast, probably a 72. I slowed down and split 2:29 and 2:32 for the 800s. It was awfully painful though. I tried to do better on the second mile, but again I went out too fast. Another 72, onto a 2:29. 76 through the 1200, but then I fell apart and split 2:41 for a 5:11. I could barely stumble through 100 meter jog. #3 started off better. 75 for the first quarter. That was all that was good. 2:36, 2:49 for a 5:25. I was done.

I knew there was no point in running another mile in 5:50 or whatever it would have been. I decided to do 4 x 400 with 60 seconds rest instead of that last useless mile. And those quarters were hard enough. I couldn't even run the 75s. I managed 78, 76, 75, 76. I was just so happy to stop.

I went to the bathroom for the 4th time in 2 hours and then went for the cool down. I was exhausted.

I don't think I should do many more track workouts at JM. It was windy the whole way around.

Garmin Connect - Details (Warm Up)
Garmin Connect - Details (Cool Down)

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