Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Colonial Elevation

People frequently ask me what the course is like in Williamsburg for the Colonial Half-Marathon. I tell them the truth. "Terrible. Hilly. Awful." But for some reason they don't believe me. In fact, I know two guys who ran the race on Sunday for the first time and both of them asked me about the course. Talking to each of them after the race, they said the same thing. They didn't believe me. Or they'd heard it wasn't that bad from someone else. Idiots.

I don't wear my GPS during races, but other people do. So I looked up someone else's run for the race (some slow person who took over two hours) and grabbed this elevation profile. So next time someone asks me what the course is like, I'll just show them since they're stupid and don't trust me. I've run the race 8 times and the course was my back yard for 5 years. Get a clue people.

Colonial Half-Marathon Elevation Profile

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