Thursday, February 10, 2011


Bob texted me this morning at about 4:08am. "Too much snow?" it said. Snow? What snow? I was in the bathroom when I read it. I couldn't see any snow with the window shade drawn and no contacts in my eyes.


"Snow. Outside."

"Don't see any"

"My road is covered"


A few minutes went by. I put in my contacts, got dressed, walked down the hallway to the window. Saw the snow, understood. "Ok I see the snow. But my driveway has none. I'm still running."

Almost simultaneously he sends another message too. "We ARE still running though right?"

I replied, "Yes"

And so we went. I didn't experience any problems driving. There was about a half inch of snow on my deck. I didn't measure it, but the internet said that it was .6 inches. You can believe anything you read on the internet. At the rendezvous,  I told them we'd run to the track and test it out before deciding. On the way there, we had a couple spots on the road that were slicker than others. I didn't think it was a problem for cars though. The JM parking lot had a lot of ice on it though. The track was covered in snow but I did some strides on it and didn't have any problems, so off we went!

800, 800, 600, 600, 400, 400, 200, 200. 60 seconds rest between, jogging. Goal pace was 75-77 for the 800s, faster as the interval got shorter. I drew a line near where the start/finish line would be so that we'd know where to stop.

I went 76, 78 for the first 800. The second was 75, 79. I'm inconsistent. I always go out too fast and then slow down for no reason other than knowing I went too fast. I did my 60 seconds and then started the 600. I felt like I needed to poop during the 800s and 600s. I didn't have a line for the 200 on the first one, so I just drew one afterwards. It was inaccurate, for sure. #1 was 75, 41. #2 was 75, 40. I don't know why I was running so slowly. The 400s were accurate again, so 75 & 74. It felt fine doing these. Actually, the additional 200s were the worst, probably because I didn't have any confidence in the line. On the last set, I ran 37 and 35. The cramping sensation from the first half of the workout went away when I was trying to run faster.

The workout went pretty quickly. Justin did the whole thing, and Bob did a lot until he said he was having some sort of problem. We finished well before Justin had to go home, but I couldn't convince them into a longer cool down despite the clock. They were smart and waited their own 60 seconds instead of going off of mine. I was finishing way ahead of Justin and much further back to Bob too. So we all did what we had to do ourselves.

Running back, I was convinced that maybe we could have a 1-hour delay. But as soon as I got to the car, I had a text from Tricia B. that we had a 2-hour delay. Bob one-upped me with a cancellation. I went in at the normal time, but cancelled running club. The snow melted by around noon and I looked like a fool, but at least I didn't have to shower and change after RC before conferences at night.

Good short workout. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I can pretend that running on an inch of snow slowed me down a little bit. Just like mulch.

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