Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long Run

Pat and I met at 8am today to run 16 miles. It was slightly below freezing with a little wind. He told me that he was working hard this week but he'd still like to run kind of fast today. I told him I'd be happy to make him hurt. That didn't seem to happen.

We started in the usual stop and hadn't run more than a minute or two before some asshole rode by us honking his horn because he thought we were in his way. We were on the side of the road and there weren't any other cars coming the other way, so he had plenty of room to get by us. The car behind him went happily to the other side without any conflict. Pat debated chasing the guy down before the traffic light, but then he ran the red light anyway. Loser.

We went over to Stafford and Argyle Heights. The conversation was good... I did most of the talking since I wasn't working hard at all to Pat's slightly working. Then we ran over to the Y and our secret water fountain in Chatham, but it's been removed. So we had to go into the Y to get water. I took a GU and it was delicious. Then we ran through Clearview and over around my mom's house. I asked Pat on the bridge if he was ready to run fast when we got back, and he said he'd do the best he could.

I started to pick it up around Little Tire Company, but he was falling back. So in the headwind of Germania St. I slowed down and waited for him a bit. When we crossed the canal, he went straight and I went right. I thought it would be a lot like when I chased Bob down, but Pat didn't try as hard to stay away from me, and we were already moving at a decent clip compared to what I was doing with Bob, so  Pat couldn't actually go that much faster. Bob admits that he was trying to hold me off. But Pat went up through Mary Washington, putting the hills in, to slow me down to 6:00 for that mile, catching him at the intersection with College Avenue.

He said he was going to stop at 16 and he did. I went all the way to the car. We got there and someone had moved his water bottle and put a Guinness bottle on his bumper instead. A funny practical joke, except now Pat was worried someone had spit in his water or something. So he poured that out. Whoever did that was a jerk.

The run was good though. Very easy. Tomorrow will be a good recovery day and I'll sleep in.

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