Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exhausted and alone

No one came to run this morning, so that was lame. I felt awkward and slow the whole time. I went to the end of the canal and around the Hyland's house. It was only seven miles, somehow. For some reason I thought adding that stuff made it longer, or more longer, than seven. It was cold and there was ice on stuff. Stafford and Spotsylvania had 2-hour delays. We had nothing.

I was tired all day at school, and really didn't want to go in the afternoon. But I did. Knowing that I can't double again until Friday, I went 6 miles. I went through Alum Springs and over to Mary Washington, around Sunken to Lafayette and then back up through Lee Drive. I debated going into Confederate Ridge, but the traffic didn't permit me to cross. So I ran back to school by my house and stopped at 6 miles.

KC and I went to Pancho Villa because Facebook told me that it was National Margarita Day.  I wonder if that is why I went to the Tequila Rose 5 years ago... I ordered a strawberry margarita, but decided that was too gay, so I got a mango instead. Probably a step in the wrong direction.

And now I can go to sleep. When I wake up it will be a new day.

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