Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 1

Week 1 of the 5k Olympics is over. I ran 60+ miles and every day of the week. My mini-streak is up to 12 days (13 runs). Most recent streak of that magnitude: September 22 - October 4 (13 days) and September 1 - 14 (14 days). Otherwise, when we returned from Europe, I started running on July 24 and ran until August 21 for 29 days straight (didn't run the day after George's wedding for a number of reasons, not limited to being really hung over.)

It's stupid that I try to run fast with all these inconsistencies in my training. I need to get back to a regular running lifestyle so that I can get faster. This week was 60 miles just on the merit of running each day.

I did 8 miles today from home. I did something new and run into Lee Drive and then up around Landsdowne Road and Mine Road. It wasn't the safest place to run. I just didn't feel like going out and back on Lee Drive. But I had to go onto Rt. 1 and into Confederate Ridge to get the 8 miles in. I started out really slow, and even tried to slow down going down Bubba so that I wouldn't be exhausted going back home. I'm surprised at how slow I went, and expected to run somewhere in the 6:40s on average. But I went pretty slowly at the beginning!

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