Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not freezing

I woke up to several texts from Bob and Justin letting me know they weren't coming. I checked the weather to see "light rain" now vs. "heavy rain" in the afternoon and decided to go in the morning. But then I had to wait to find out if JD was still coming. I felt like a teenage girl sitting around waiting for a date-- keeping my fingers crossed that JD would text me back to say he was coming. For some reason Bob didn't go back to sleep and just kept texting me back. I get back in bed when I'm not running in the morning... However JD prevailed and we ran.

I didn't know what to wear because it was raining and almost freezing, but not. Anything I wore would get soaked. JD was wearing shorts so I went with shorts too. Good choice, as they were soaked afterwards and my pants would have been worthless and heavy. My coat-thing was soaked and I made the mistake of touching my car with my gloves, so they got soaked too. But the run itself was fine. Way faster than normal (a crazy 7:20 pace), but it felt faster than that so I know I was tired.

Hopefully JD doesn't think I talk to much.

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