Saturday, December 4, 2010


I slept in today with no alarm, but still woke up around 8am. I felt pretty good though-- rested. I called Bob about running and we were going to meet in the Battlefield. He was brining his dog. The weather was supposed to be 31 degrees with calm wind, but I think that we didn't get the memo at my house and it was really windy. Once I got off of Lafayette and into Braehead, it wasn't a problem. I was fine. I was surprised to run in the low 7s for the first mile and then faster the second, because I felt like I was going so slowly. I guess that's the advantage of actually getting some sleep the night before you go running.

I expected to slow down a lot when I got to Bob, but his dog kept the pace pretty reasonable. It's funny running with a dog because he stopped to look at everything and we had to pay more attention to cars and other people and keeping him safe. He was pretty excited to see me but I kept my distance so he didn't jump on me. Once we were running though I was invisible to him. Bob's wife only wanted the dog to run 4 miles, and I was going to run for about an hour, so we turned around on the back half of the park and Bob went back home when we passed his house. It was pretty uneventful (sorry, Merziowkys). On the way back I saw Nick and his buddy Jay getting ready to run 14 miles, so they came with me back to my house before going for the rest of their run. It slowed me down a lot but I don't care, I wasn't trying to do much more than be on my feet for an hour.

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