Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not listening

I hadn't seen JD in a long time, nor had I run in the morning in a few days. It was a pretty typical group, and we went out to the slavery museum. Not seeing JD in a while makes me wonder if they do that out-and-back every Wednesday when he's there. I wonder when the last Wednesday was that I attended.

Nothing really relevant about this run except that three times I yelled at Justin because we'd be having a conversation as a group and he would ask a question at the end of it that proved he hadn't been listening at all. For example, after making fun of Pat Quinn for running 4:13 at the Marine Corps Marathon when he said his goal was 2:40, we concluded that maybe he ended up running with his mom or something and that's why he ran so slowly. After this conversation is over and we conclude that's what happened, Justin wakes up and asks what his time was, and then says "I wonder if he ran it with a chick or something," as though this was a novel idea. I about lost it three times. No. I did lose it.

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