Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lion Fun Day

Yesterday was Lion Fun Day at school. We went to the Fredericksburg Field House and played some PE games against other classes. First we played a variation of capture the flag, but there were three "objects" to collect rather than one. We lost the first game because we were unorganized. After that, we strategized and were unstoppable. I told them that when I yelled "Chicken Face!" that all of the girls would run after the flags at the same time. Then when I yelled it the second time, all of the boys would go too. So it was my entire class playing offense, and I was on defense capturing kids and protecting the flags. We'd usually have the flags within 2 minutes. It was a very effective strategy against 8 year olds.

The second game was called "Agility Ball." It was like dodgeball, but the point wasn't to get everyone out, instead it was to knock over three bowling pins. When you knocked over a pin, the people who were out on your team got to come back in. Again, we lost the first game but then we got better. It wasn't really strategy, but more just improvement. But I was playing hard. I wasn't a very good thrower, but I made up for it in frequency and quickness. But good Lord am I sore today! My right arm and my entire back, along with my left hamstring are all just shot. I feel like I'm going to be seriously injured. Yesterday would have been a good day to take off from running.

Instead I ran down to the shell trail from home and did two loops. I met up with Chris Koehler by chance and he ran back up to Lafayette Blvd with me. It was nice to have company, but I should have either run slower or not at all. I'm dying. I was going to go on a morning run this morning but I couldn't fall asleep last night (CSI: nightmares) and I was too sore this morning to get out of bed. Ugh.

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