Sunday, November 14, 2010


I should have stayed in bed today. I stayed up too late last night; drank too much last night. Pat and Matt conspired to make me sick today. I shouldn't have even been driving to the run this morning at 8am.

But I did. I met Matt and Bob at Hanover. Chris didn't show up-- we wondered if he was dead or in jail. Fortunately neither was the case. Dan, Jonathan and Scott met us at the VOC. We were already running under 7:30 before we got to them, so it's no wonder that Dan dropped before the boat ramp. I'm told my form was the ugliest thing anyone had ever seen.

In the woods, Matt continued to push the tempo. I did my best to keep up and remained with the group. Bob was a casualty going up the Shoney's sign. While I tied my shoe, Matt confessed his plot to Scott and Jonathan-- make me throw up. Once on the ground level, Matt and Jonathan took off as usual. I remained behind with Scott. They waited for us at Fall Hill, and Matt and I proceeded home. He let me in on the plan at that point, unwilling to continue in his effort. We jogged back. I sat at my car for a while, then went home. I'm miserable.

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