Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tim > Dan, barely

I will have to be careful what I say now that I know people actually read this... but this was the slowest I've ever run with Tim. Granted, he did run a marathon on Sunday and it was his first day back, but really? I ran 8:15 pace with Dan on Friday and 7:57 pace with Tim. Can you say overrated? He's so slow!

But in reality, it was fine. I was sore from going running for the first time since Saturday's 20-miler. We went to the quarry and didn't stop to walk once! He was happy about his race and told me all about what it's like to be a really big deal. I'd forgotten that he's been gone since the beginning of August though, and that he's missed out on so many memorable hi-jinx from the group. So now he's caught up and we can get back to the usual jokes about walking up hills, getting hit by traffic, and being slow in general. Speaking of slow in general, it looked like Mary Washington was doing a workout. For once they could be sure that they were running faster than us.

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