Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Track miles

Unlike last week, today I went to the track with intent. I wanted to run miles at race-pace. I didn't think I had enough time to do 4, and I didn't want it to be too taxing so I gave myself 400 recovery. Bob, Justin and Matt were doing 1000s with 200 rest, 200 fast, 200 rest.

The first was good. I went out a bit fast but was relaxed and settled in to run 5:40. The 400 was a jog... but more than a shuffle. My next mile was way too fast... spectators started to arrive at the track and I got amped up in the middle laps. The 5:33 still felt easy, but it should... If it had been a 5:00 and felt easy that would have been worth noting. Another jogged 400 and back on track with about a 5:42. I say "about" because I didn't get the split at the end. I was wearing two watches and the Garmin hit the mode button on my stopwatch so that when I hit the split button, nothing happened. I stopped it at 5:47, so I'm just going to guess.

I putted around for a bit longer after the 400 jog to wait for the other guys to run their hard 200. I gave them all a head start-- at least 10 meters behind Justin. Over the last 100 I flew past Bob first, then Matt and finally Justin. I took lane 2 to pass Justin and really tried to lift up and blow his doors off. I tried to take a split but didn't know where the line was and stopped it late at 30 seconds. So that was good. I do have to keep in mind that Justin ran a 57 recently one morning without any warmup. I was definitely warmed up for this.

Since I'm posting this 8 days later I don't really remember much else. We jogged back and that was that.

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