Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holy Matrimony

This was George Ingham's last run as a free man. Steve Gillard, Mike McGinnis and I met at George's house at 8am. It was an event for his family, as pictures were taken of us standing outside shirtless on his porch. Ben Beiter didn't come because he didn't even bring shoes and shorts with him to the Apex for the wedding. Silly Beiter.

Mike wanted the pace to be slow, since he's out of shape and George has been injured for a while. Steve and I ran at the front the whole time while Mike cut the corners and took every tangent and plotted his campus kick. It was fun to run with those guys, I hadn't run with Mike in a few years. We had a good time. I would have liked to have run longer-- I'd been planning on this being a 10-12 mile run before George re-injured himself recently. Good run though, from what I recall. Let the mayhem ensue.

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