Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hills #2

I had to talk Bob into doing six sets of 45/90s, and I regretted it several times this morning...

Justin was a champion for the first 3 sets, but then petered off before quitting before the 5th 90. I enjoyed starting behind them so I had someone to chase down, but having him pushing me on #2&3 really wiped me out for the end of the workout. I think I actually tripped going up on the last two, and my splits reflect it. But I'm happy. Last week I was very conservative since it was my first workout, and this week I was less so. My paces were a lot faster too. So I'm happy. But I sure am tired.

We drove down to Duck this morning and got here around 1:30. We went down to the beach as soon as we got here and I promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours. Now my legs are burnt, on top of being sore.

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  1. Wait, I was planning on doing the 6 sets from the beginning so don't make it sound like you are some sort of saint. Granted, I might not always be very motivated, but I was still going to do the hills. It just so happens that when you told me that if I did all six sets that I might see your hurl, it just added a little extra motivation.


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