Saturday, August 7, 2010

Excellent long run!

Today was great! Jack, Matt, Dan, Pat and Scott met me at 6:30 for a long run. Scott wanted to do the whole thing with me, and Dan was going to run for 4 miles, with a whole lot of variables in between. We did the same run as last week plus a loop around the hospital circle and then a loop around Mary Washington and the shell trail.

We started off really easily and then started to pick it up about half-way through. Around 12 miles Matt and Pat fell off from me and Scott and he and I just kept picking it up. We got back to the car at 16 miles for more water, at which point Scott was at a new lifetime distance PR. We ran through campus and kept picking it up. I felt great the whole time, and in the last half mile tried to drop it down to race pace or faster.

Now a few hours later I still feel great. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up for the week. I should start doubling soon... we'll see. Today was great! Last week I did a bit over 15 miles in 7:02 pace, and today it was over 19 in 6:54 pace. Nice progress!

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