Tuesday, August 10, 2010

57.33 > 66.00!

The run started out like any other, except that I felt terrible at the beginning of it. We ran over to Pratt to look for Matt's kid's book that he left there last night. Dan was doing his second run in 9 hours, so he dropped back pretty quickly. Justin and I were taunting each other, as usual. Then things took an interesting turn.

We started betting again, as usual. Things started around the 60-second mark, which I didn't think I could break right now and neither did Justin. Then I threw out a 66 and he said he could do it easily, I thought I might be able to. He said he could run a quarter in 50 seconds. I bet him $200 that he couldn't do that-- FAT at either the 2011 or 2012 Battleground Relays. He wanted to get some training in... we'll see if the bet goes through.

But we did go to JM for him to try to run a sub 66. We didn't want to put any money on it, but decided to make it interesting. I offered to not speak for 7 runs with Justin-- not consecutive days since I won't be in town. He offered to pull a tooth. Since I don't for see a need for that any time soon, I proposed any dental procedure I need. He said that could run him $6k and refused, so I countered with a free teeth whitening before my wedding. He agreed, and the race was on!

He blew our doors off. He crossed the line full-steam, practically pumping his fist in the air, and proclaimed -- "EASY! I don't even have to look!" Pat Quinn timed him at 57.33. We couldn't see the lines for 100 and 200, but we guessed it was 17 and 31. So he was just getting faster as he went along. Then he says "The bet starts now," and I was silent. I figured that it wouldn't start that day since it would only be a half-run.

5 minutes later, he tells me that he's going to let me out of the bet, and that he'll still whiten my teeth for free, because he was so pumped to run a 57. But it has to be on a Sunday, preferably when not many people are there. Pretty nice of him.

I better start saving up that 200 bucks...

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