Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long run in Duck

After 8 hours in the car, dinner and watching the Pre Classic on tape, I slept in until 6am before doing 18 miles this morning. I forgot to eat anything before I went out, but I did have a Gu and took some water with me to leave on the road. It wasn't too warm yet, but I knew it would be by the end of 2 hours. I tried to keep the pace as close to 7 minute miles; I had to slow down a lot a bunch of times.

I did my normal loop out the Beach Rd. to the highway and through Southern Shores. It was nice to run by the Hilton-- the first time I'd seen it since we booked it for our wedding... pretty exciting. As I finished the loop I took the Gu and picked up my water at Sea Oats and went back out towards the Hilton. I turned around at the V-intersection on the Beach Road (13 miles) and came back through that small neighborhood. I grabbed my water again and came back to Duck for the last two miles. I finally stopped trying to hold back on the last mile and dipped under 6:40 without concern.

It was a good run, despite being sore from not stretching yesterday and sitting in the car all day. I didn't want to run fast early because I was concerned with the heat-- but there is nothing wrong with an easy 18 mile run under 7 minute pace. I think I averaged 6:46 for 18.25. I'll embed the run after I upload it when I get home from the beach on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The next two days will be short and easy here. Probably 11 tomorrow and 6-8 on Tuesday. We'll see. I was all talk in Denver too.

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