Monday, July 5, 2010

Easy run on Beach Road

I started the run thinking that I was going to do a long loop today, followed by a short run tomorrow and another long run in Fredericksburg when I got home. But then I remembered I'd have two runs in Fredericksburg this week and my legs were tired, so I went shorter. I ran to the Hilton and onto the pier, looked into the pier house, and then came back. I still ended up running 9.4 miles. It was a lot slower than yesterday, but that's fine. Easy runs are supposed to be easy.

After stretching I went and stood in the ocean for 10 minutes. It probably wasn't below 60 degrees, but I was still cold. It was nice being out at the beach so early... virtually no one out at all. Today I'll spend another day sleeping with my feet in the sand.

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